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Traveling to Dr. Dachowski’s, Sock’s, and Daly’s offices have many benefits. Getting away allows you to focus on your operation for the proper period of time while in a setting geared for plastic surgery success. Dr. Dachowski and Sock routinely care for patients from throughout the United States and even has international clientele.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is not only known for the location of Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, but both locations are brimming with amazing restaurants, unique shopping and some of the most beautiful country landscapes in the world. Dr. Dachowski’s, Sock’s, and Daly’s highly trained staff is well equipped to help you navigate your way around Bucks and Montgomery County areas for all of your visits.

Planning surgery with Dr. Dachowski and Sock is simple and enjoyable for those not located in the area. Their highly trained Care Coordinators are ready to assist you in arranging your surgery experience. Our practice works closely with aftercare providers who offer twenty-four hour assistance. Patients having reconstructive facial surgery can utilize these services if hospitalization is not an option.

There are also private recovery facilities that can be used for extended stays. Every detail is essential to a safe and successful experience. All of these details can be worked out by our Care Coordinators. Most operations require an initial visit for a consultation, evaluation, and development of a proper surgical plan. However, some procedures can be performed without an initial visit; this is left to Dr. Dachowski’s, Sock’s, or Daly’s discretion. Please call and let us know you are interested in coming in from out of town. It is best to speak to our Care Coordinators prior to planning your trip. Dr. Dachowski and Sock will work with you and the coordinator to generate a plan that works for you.

Whether you are traveling across town, or across the globe, our Coordinators can support your needs. Our network of resources from car service to hotel, and other personal accommodations, are at your service. Please contact our Coordinators for any of your travel needs.

Personal Services
Our Coordinators are at your service with professional resources ready to respond to your personal needs and requests. Please do not hesitate to contact our Coordinators with your personal service needs.

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