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Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly are oral and maxillofacial surgeons who perform orthognathic, or facial corrective surgery.  This area of our practice faces major changes, and these challenges will increase in the near future. The extraordinary advances in technology applied to our profession are not only amazing but are becoming the standard of care as they promote improved outcomes for our patients.

At Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Assocites, we are first practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia to implement this truly cutting edge technology.

Our own practice in orthognathic surgery completes many surgeries of this type regularly. Success is directly related to the consistency and capability of the surgical- orthodontic team to achieve predictable, stable results, and our philosophy is that a successful result is directly related to the way we take our records and perform diagnosis and treatment planning following basic general principles.

With the technology in our offices, we have the opportunity to plan and treat 3-dimensional (3D) problems with 3D technology, we should enter into this new era with appropriate standards to ensure better results.

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