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The iTero Scanner is one of the most exciting achievements in dentistry to date. Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly have made this available to their patients.  This device is capable of mapping your mouth to help dental specialists treat you more effectively. The procedure is comfortable, reliable, safe and accurate. Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery is proud to offer iTero as a convenient and better alternative to traditional impressions. The procedure is very popular among our patients and only takes about 5 minutes!

By using the iTero Scanner, we can create a digital map of your mouth. We then use the images collected to precise surgical planning for your dental implant surgery or facial reconstruction. This technology helps Drs. Dachowski and Sock perform these procedures in a precise manner, while eliminating the need for inconvenient alternatives that can otherwise be bothersome to the patient.

In the past, impressions of a patient’s oral cavity was often a nuisance as it was both time consuming and uncomfortable. Traditionally, large metal trays were used with liquid plaster against the upper and lower jar. Patients were often concerned with the danger of gagging or swallowing the excess plaster “goop.”

The iTero Scanner significantly alleviates these concerns. Our patients do not have to endure any further discomfort or anxiety while we take their impression. Now the entire activity is conducted digitally, eliminating the need for liquid plaster. Patients are encouraged to view their images as they are taken on our in-office computer display. After we have finished taking snapshots of your entire oral cavity, we then create a 3-dimensional landscape using the digital photography. The technology is much more convenient than the old method and has been found to be even more accurate than using liquid plaster.

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