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Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Associates, of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly, offer a variety of anesthesia options for surgery in the office or in our hospital OR.


Situations involving any surgery are classic anxiety producers. What they have in common is that each involves the unknown. And that’s what anxiety is: the fear of an upcoming specific event that, in all likelihood, you’ve never before experienced.


An upcoming visit to any oral surgeon could be another potential anxiety producer. In this case, the individual typically is most concerned with possible pain—whether the procedure is going to hurt.

Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly are compassionate doctors who take the time to listen, to understand their patients’ concerns and needs, and then design the appropriate care and treatment.

Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Associates has employed modern technology to make it possible to perform complex surgery in the office with little or no discomfort. Knowing this should start to bring your anxiety level down to a minimum.


In addition to treating oral dental health problems Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly are also is experienced in dealing with the control of pain and anxiety.  During years of hospital training, they have received extensive schooling in medical and dental aspects of anesthesia. Your surgeon is thoroughly knowledgeable in pain and anxiety control and possesses extensive clinical experience in anesthesia techniques from local anesthesia to sedation to general anesthesia.


Safe and effective anesthesia is one of the cornerstones of our practice.  Since dental school, Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly,  have extended their own knowledge and expertise in the practice of Anesthesiology.  It is one of the initial foundations of oral surgery.  Generations ago, the early oral surgeons were some of the first experts in what is know today as outpatient or office based surgery.

Dr. Dachowski was educated with this rich history and tradition since his days at The University of Pennsylvania as a dental student and The Medical College of Pennsylvania as a resident in the Department of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Sock received his Anesthesia training at the University of Pennsylvania

When asked, they will tell you, “It is what makes us unique…providing safe and effective anesthesia…it is a very sacred and important part of our practice.”


Both of our surgical offices are fully equipped with  modern and state of the art equipment for anesthesia delivery and monitoring.

Pennsylvania Dental Implant and Oral Surgery Associates, Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly, are one of the first practices in Montgomery and Bucks Counties to implement capnography monitoring on all office anesthesia cases, 2 years in advance of this technology being mandated by state and national law.

The medical support from the hospital at our Holy Redeemer location is readily available.  This location allows for a variety of convenient anesthetic options form the in-office local anesthetic and sedation procedures to in-hospital procedures.  These Operating Room (OR) procedures might be required for anesthesia necessity, surgical necessity, or medical management of a severely ill patient.

Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly work closely with the local  medical community and specialists in providing care in medically compromised situations.

All of this resource is readily available to our patients.


One of the things Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly know in terms of reducing anxiety is the importance of making the patient aware of what to expect during surgery. It’s usually true; the more you know, the less you have to be anxious about. That’s why beforehand, you’ll review with him the type of anesthetic to be used, as well as the way you’re likely to feel during the operation. Drs. Mike will answer any questions you may have about any facet of the operation.

During surgery, one or more of the following can be used in controlling pain and anxiety: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide-oxygen, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Commonly, patients describe their feelings during surgery as surprisingly pleasant, without a care in the world.

After surgery, your surgeon can prescribe a number of medications to make you as comfortable as possible when you get home.  Suffice it to say that before, during and after surgery, Drs. Dachowski, Sock, and Daly sincerely share your concern for your well being. They have the dedication, the training, the knowledge, and the experience to make your surgery as pleasant, safe, and comfortable as it possibly can be.


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